I am very passionate about Photography and part of that is to understand and showcase the gear inside-out. Having the right tool for the right job makes a world of difference to the quality of the images being produced. I have reviewed products from Samsung, BenQ, Fuji and many other manufacturers. I love to test and review photography equipment but most of all, I love to educate other photographers on how the right equipment can benefit them!

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Full Review & Delivery Details

My review process looks at the primary usage of the equipment and who the intended user is. I initial make a very simple overview of the product and then delve into the distinguishing features that separate that product from it’s competitors. I also highlight things that I find particularly useful and anything that I feel will benefit photographers of all levels. Delivery of the final review can take multiple formats and are bespoke to each review, but they will normally consist of one of the following:

  • A full video review including demonstration of the product being used

  • An in-depth blog post exploring the key benefits of the product

  • Static photography of the product to show it’s unique features

All content will be delivered to the recipient via DropBox. The product video will be hosted on my YouTube channel and Blog post via my website. A timescale for delivery will be agreed before the process starts.

Once signed off, I am happy to share the content across my agreed social media channels.

Example Content