Borders, Mounting & Matts

Framing pictures can be a very difficult task and it’s also essential that the frame compliments both the image and the room it’s going in. I personally prefer a very minimal looking frame so as not to distract from the image. However, I also understand that people have their own tastes, so below is a guide to what I offer and how I can help you choose.

Ross Jukes Photography Birmingham-7632.jpg

Quality is king...

Before even worrying about size and colour and all the big decisions, it's important to note that the frames I offer are not any old 'off the shelf' option. I took my time to select a framer that i was happy with and even ordered several framed images in different sizes and finishes, to ensure I was happy with what was being supplied. All frames are hand made to order and being a local company, I regular stop by to check what they are producing and if there are any better options. Choosing a frame can be quite difficult, but rested assured, your final choice will be of the highest possible quality.

Colour Options

You've probably spotted from the images that I offer a very basic colour palette to choose from. I have hand chosen the colours as I think they best compliment my style of images. The colours available are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Light Oak

All frames are approximately 34mm deep to allow for the backing & hanging gear.

Bespoke Options Available 

I work closely with my framer to supply frames that meet the customers expectations. However, I can also accommodate bespoke frame in other colours and materials. Before purchasing, please contact me with your requirements and I will be happy to make special arrangements with my framer.