What is Stock Photography?

Stock photographs are images that have already been created and are generally used for web or print based media instead of hiring a photographer on a commission. They can be used for anything that requires imagery from websites to printed artwork, posters or presentations. See below for more details or for further information, please contact me.

How do I order Stock/Licensed Images?

All of my highly unique images of Birmingham are available to buy as stock (or print) images for business or personal use. You can either choose an image(s) from the gallery below or let me know which image you require (either on my website or social media) as all of the images you see are available. Prices start from £20.00 and I will work closely with a client to meet their requirements. Please email me with which image(s) you require and I will send an invoice with payment details. I will deliver the image via email or Dropbox.

Stock Images

Images are provided as a digital file (Jpeg unless otherwise agreed) via email or Dropbox and can be purchased in Small (800px - £20.00), Medium (2048px - £35.00) or Large (full res - approx 5000px - £50.00). Stock images are sold for single usage (i.e. for use on a website) and are not to be re-printed etc. 

Licensed Images:

A license agreement is a basic contract that agrees the terms and usage of an image. They are generally used when multiple reproductions or image use across different media forms (i.e. print and web) are required or international usage is required. All of my images are available to be used as part of a licensed agreement. Licenses are offer on a very bespoke contract so please contact me for details regarding licensing images. 

Please check back for regular updates of my latest work and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Any image you see on this website or my social media accounts can be made available as a Stock image, Licensed or requested for print.