Expressway Long Exposure - Limited Edition

 Ross Jukes Photography-Birmingham based Photographer
 Ross Jukes Photography-Birmingham based Photographer

Expressway Long Exposure - Limited Edition

from 65.00

Limited Additions:

This print is a limited edition. Each print will be hand signed & numbered. Please select the size of print and the number in the sequence that you desire. Once an edition is sold, it will not be re-printed. 

#010  -  A3 Print: £65.00     |    A2 Print: £95     |    A1 Print £120

#009  -  A3 Print: £65.00    |    A2 Print: £95     |    A1 Print £120

#008  -  A3 Print: £65.00    |    A2 Print: £95     |    A1 Print £120

#007  -  A3 Print: £95.00    |    A2 Print: £120    |    A1 Print £150

#006  -  A3 Print: £95.00    |    A2 Print: £120    |    A1 Print £150

#005  -  A3 Print: £120.00   |    A2 Print: £150    |    A1 Print £200

#004  -  A3 Print: £150.00   |    A2 Print: £180    |    A1 Print £250

#003  -  A3 Print: £180.00   |    A2 Print: £225    |    A1 Print £375

#002  -  A3 Print: £225.00   |    A2 Print: £300   |    A1 Print £400

#001  -  A3 Print: £300.00   |    A2 Print: £450    |   A1 Print £600

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Additional Information

Thank you for viewing this product. Please be aware that any image on the site can be ordered, please contact me if you have any further requirements. 

The Product

All Prints are Digital C-Type on Kodak Endura paper. All prints are individually checked by a print professional to ensure the highest quality.

All images are available in A3, A2 or A1 sizes but please email me if you have other requirements as other options are available. Please note that the prints are not re-scaled to fit exact sizes so may be larger due to their aspect ratio and therefore require cropping. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me before placing an order. 

Postage & Packaging

Postage and Packaging starts from £5.00. If you are ordering from further afield, please contact me first to get an estimate of delivery costs. Due to the fragile nature, only prints can be sent internationally and mounted/framed orders are not available outside of the UK. 


Each order is individually processed, printed at a local laboratory and then hand framed and packaged by myself. Please allow 7-14 days for delivery. However, I will always aim to get the product to you as quickly as possible and you will be notified when it has been posted.

Thank you for your interest in my work, if you have any further questions, please Contact Me