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Kim & Paul's Wedding at Packington Moor

It’s wedding season… And if you have a remote interest in photography, at some point, someone will ask you to take photos at their wedding. There are a lot of people out there that jump at the chance and probably find out the hard way that it is not as easy as just turning up and taking pictures.

I’m not a wedding photographer, the idea scares me! Knowing that this is somebody else’s ‘big day’ and that with the best will in the world, this will be the only wedding they have means that the stakes are high. I’ve recently had some major challenges shooting cars, and they are big metal objects that stay where they are put and don’t answer back. The idea of 200 drunken guests, emotional family members and a ‘Bridezilla’ on a potentially rainy day sends me into a cold sweat!

However, when two good friends of mine recently asked me if I’d take a few photos of the Groom and his Best Men getting ready on the morning of the wedding, I couldn’t really say no (in particular when it is the Editor-in-Chief of the website you shoot regularly for!) So I accepted, took a deep breath and set to work…

I don’t normally get nervous about shoots, they come pretty naturally, but the morning of the wedding I could barely hold the camera, even though I was amongst friends. All of my gear was in good order, batteries charged, spare memory cards… I think shooting people takes me out of my comfort zone and into a world where anything can happen! 

The morning went well, which was possibly helped by the fact that Paul, the Groom, is possibly the coolest cucumber you will ever come across, nothing flusters this guy, which helps. I set about grabbing images, some staged, some details and a few candid moments. I soon settled in and even though looking back, I would have done things differently, I was pretty pleased with the results.

Now it’s important to add that I was only there to get a few shots in the morning and apart from helping with a bit of filming at the ceremony, the happy couple had wisely paid professional wedding photographers - HBA Photography – to do the hard work.  However, as a guest wandering around with a camera around my neck, I could not help taking a few shots throughout the day.

The day itself was perfect, the Bride & Groom looked stunning, the guests were great fun, the weather was amazing and the venue - Packington Moor – was beautiful. As for my shots, I was moderately pleased with them but I definitely would try different things in the future. As for my fear of shooting weddings? Well it certainly whet my appetite and I would definitely have another go, but I think I would assist a few professionals and get some experience underneath my belt before I say ‘I do (shoot weddings)’…..