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Snow-way! Birmingham gets a light dusting...

As some of you may know, I also shoot cars and earlier this week I had a rather nice Volvo to shoot around Birmingham City Centre. Just as we were finishing the photos, I noticed that there were little white flecks on my lens. It was only bloody snow! I'm not a fan of using my very expensive camera gear in the white stuff but it did make for an interest end to the shoot with the Volvo, a car which after all - should be able to handle a bit of adverse weather. 

When I got back to St Paul's Square, the snow had started to settle and I didn't hesitate to grab a shot of the square looking all wintery. I got back in the warm and planned for an early morning trudge out in what I imagined would be Canadian style snow drifts. However, the next morning, when I got up at about 6.00am, there wasn't a drop to be seen, it had all vanished like we'd had a a magical heatwave in the middle of the night. Fear not though, weather reporters predict that Britain will be in for another battering soon enough and even as I type this, I can feel the skies growing heavy with cold, white picture-making heaven - fingers crossed for some more 'winter-wonderland' images of Birmingham soon! 

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