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REVIEW: Samsung Pro Endurance 128gb MicroSDXC

Samsung Micro SD 0012.jpg

You can never have enough storage! Although 128gb in a microSD (well, micro SDXC - but more of that later) is one hell of a lot of storage in a tiny package. The new Samsung PRO Endurance memory card is designed for continuous 'Video Monitoring', such as CCTV, Dash-cams & body cams. However, it is clearly useful for other storage applications. Boasting water/temperature/magnet and x-ray 'proofing', Samsung has clearly built this card to be rugged and to stand the test of time, and with 43,000 hours to fill, the little microSD will have a lot of it!



FHD Recording

32GB - 17,520 hours
64GB - 26,280 hours
128GB - 43,800 hours

Form Factor

microSDHC and microSDXC (Includes SD adaptor)

Sequential Read - Up to 100MB/s

Sequential Write - Up to 30MB/s

Bus Speed Mode - UHS-1


32GB - 2 Years
64GB - 3 Years
128GB - 5 Years

Operating Temperatures - From -25ºC to 85ºC

With such a wide range of memory cards available today, it's great to see a company like Samsung actually looking at problems and solving them. Like the memory pixel race with cameras, too many companies focus on the fast read and write speeds, when in actual fact the resilience of the memory card is just as important! Knowing that your data is safe is incredibly important and Samsung PRO Endurance memory card is certainly built to stand the test of time (and the elements!). Also, the huge storage capacity means that you'll be able to put it into your device and simply forget about it, taking the hassle out of managing your files.

Finally, if speed isn’t your main priority in a memory card, then the PRO Endurance card really does make a lot of sense. After all, these things are built to last and for storing important media (such as CCTV footage or bodycam recordings) it is important that the crucial data is safe, and with the PRO Endurance, it certainly gives you peace-of-mind. I’ll see how this card goes but don’t expect an update for at least, well, the next 43,000 hours!

For more details, please visit: Samsung