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The Birmingham Blizzard! it's Snow beautiful...


I feel like when I was a kid, it always snowed around Christmas time. However, in recent years, you're about as likely to get snow in April as we are December. So when it actually does snow during the 'correct' time of year, it's like some sort of Christmas miracle! For us photographers, it is an extra special little gift as it gives us a chance to take pictures of all the same streets and scenes that we've shot a million times before, but looking completely different! 


The snow certainly brings a few problems with it, notably the impact the freezing temperatures have on your ability to get out of bed and not being able to feel your fingers five minutes after leaving the house! On a series note though, it leaves thousands of people vulnerable and makes the simple task of walking to the shop a potentially life-threatening journey! (EDIT - It really is grim out there, cars getting stuck and all sorts) So going out just to get some pictures is not as pleasurable as it may seem!


However, the results are always worth the extra effort! Seeing Birmingham bathed in a blanket of the white stuff is a rare and enjoyable treat, albeit in small measures before the Hypothermia sets in! By the time this is posted (sometime on Sunday morning - EDIT - I'm back, it was too cold!) I will be out again on a shoot and will be doing my best to take advantage of 'Ski-Sunday'! If you are venturing out, please be careful! For those lucky enough to be staying in the warm, here are a few images of (what I am unofficially calling) the Great Birmingham Blizzard! Have a click through the gallery below and keep an eye on my social media for more soon... (Find me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)