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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

As the year slowly comes to an end, it is always natural to look back and see how your year has been and what you have achieved. My 2016 and has been busy and overall, very productive.

I am pleased to say that I have worked with a number of new clients and formed some great relationships along the way. My Automotive work has kept me busy but I have definitely noticed a shift towards my Birmingham/Landscape work as the year went on, something that I am sure will continue in 2017.


I have seen my work develop over the year, I hope for the better and have enjoyed new challenges with new clients that have taken me well and truly outside of my comfort zone. I have also had a bit of a surge in print sales, which is hugely satisfying as I don’t believe an image is ever truly complete until it is hanging on a wall – more of that in a future blog post though.

I also held an exhibition in Bullring and even though it came to a rather abrupt end, it was still a special moment to see my images in such a prominent place in the heart of the City. I have had my images turned into works of art and sold for many thousands of pounds and went on to (finally) produce my own calendar, thanks again to all that have purchased one!


2016 has really been the first year that I have started to feel that I am finding my way in what is a very challenging industry. None of which, would be possible without the support that I receive from friends, family and all of those that follow me on social media, in one form or another. To all of you, I am truly thankful.

I would also like to thank all of the clients that I have worked with (obviously) and all of the Birmingham related folk who have shown me a lot of support of the year including Birmingham Updates, IChoosebirmingham, Brumpic, Independent Birmingham, IgersBirmingham, Bullring, Vincent-Van-Doodle and countless others, thank you all.


Special thanks also goes out to the huge community of photographers in Birmingham that are an endless source of inspiration and motivation. Many of which I am proud to call my friends and to all of you, I wish you a successful 2017 (not too successful though, I’ve still got to eat!).

Finally, looking to 2017, I have some outrageously large plans including monthly workshops, a video series, regular newsletters, tutorials, more exhibitions, hopefully some new clients and obviously, the continuous stream of images of my beloved Birmingham. However, more about those in the new year. For now, thank you all for your help, support and motivation and I wish each and every one of you an amazing 2017!