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12 Days of Christmas - Giveaway!

At this time of year, everyone starts looking back at what they've achieved over the last twelve months. I have been doing the same recently and I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with how it has gone. I will do an 'end of year' post soon, but the one thing that always amazes me is how much support I get. I mentioned this to a friend recently and they laughed and said 'yeah I know, you 'really appreciate it...' The problem is, I do and I don't really know how to say it...

I have done 'giveaways' before but I always end up feeling really bad at the end of it as I can only give one thing away. So after a little think, I decided to do a '12 days of Christmas' giveaway (and yes, I know it's not the proper '12 days' of Christmas but I always have to be different!). Now this isn't as simple as it sounds, as the first big challenge was to find 12 things to actually give away! Fortunately, I have a stockpile of framed and unframed prints! 

Next was how to do it. I generally post to Facebook every few days, so I am a bit concerned that posting every day might get a bit annoying. So after some (not very deep) thinking, I thought I would split it between various social media, so one day FB, the next Instagram and so on. Finally, I thought, what about people who aren't on social media? Well that was the easy one, to enter, simply sign up to my Newsletter to enter - to subscribe, check the right-hand side of this page. They will be scheduled as follows:

Day 1) Tuesday 20th December - Facebook (/rossjukesphotography) - PRIZE - 2 x A3 Festive Print - WINNER - Chloe B.

Day 2) Wednesday 21st December - Instagram (@rossjukes) - PRIZE - 2 x A4 Mounted Prints - WINNER - Lena M.

Day 3) Thursday 22nd December - Twitter (@ross_jukes) - PRIZE - 2 x A3 Prints - WINNER - Mark C. 

Day 4) Friday 23rd December - Newsletter (Subscribe on the right) - PRIZE - 2 x A3 Prints - WINNER - Chris G.

Day 5) Saturday 24th December - All Platforms (& email newsletter) - PRIZE - A1 Signed Print - WINNER - Antony C.

Day 6) Sunday 25th December - Newsletter (Subscribe on the right) - PRIZE - 2 x A4 Framed Prints - WINNER - Elizabeth M.

Day 7) Monday 26th December - Instagram (@rossjukes) - PRIZE - 2 x A4 Framed Prints - WINNER - Maria E.

Day 8) Tuesday 27th December - Twitter (@ross_jukes) - PRIZE - 1 x A4 Framed Print - WINNER - Kelly J.

Day 9) Wednesday 28th December - YouTube Subscribers (/rossjukesphotography) - PRIZE - 3 x A4 Prints - WINNER - Dan D. 

Day 10) Thursday 29th December - Facebook (/rossjukesphotography) - PRIZE - 2 x A3 Prints

Day 11) Friday 30th December - Twitter (@ross_jukes) - PRIZE - 2 x A3 Prints

Day 12) Saturday 31st December - All Platforms (& email newsletter) - PRIZE - Signed A3 Print

I will post around 6.30 each evening on the scheduled platforms so please keep an eye out for them. 


Now for the fun bit, entering is really simple! On Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - simply 'Like, share or comment' on the set posts. For YouTube and the Newsletter, simply subscribe and a winner will be picked at random! It really is that simple... 


Winners will be picked at random using WooBox or a similar app. For the Newsletter and YouTube subscription, winners will be chosen at random by a third party app. Winners will be contacted within 48 hours and arrangements made for the winner to collect the prizes (they will be in Birmingham City Centre so pleased make sure you will be able to collect - though I will, where possible, help with delivery if it is easier, though there may be a cost).


 - The competition is open to anyone via my social media channels & newsletter. Entry will be via likes/comments/shares on Social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and 'subscriptions' to my Youtube Channel and Newsletter.

 - Each individual may enter once per day, a  'like, comment or share' will be classed as one entry. Multiples, i.e. a 'like, comment and a share' by one individual will still only be classed as one entry. 

 - Details of the prizes will be posted on the day and are not open for exchange or exchange for monetary value. 

 - The competition will close at exactly 5.00pm the day after the original post. Winners will be chosen at random and will be notified within 48 hours of the competition closing.

 - Delivery - Where possible, I will try to assist with getting the print to the winner. However, I accept no responsibility for the cost or condition of the framed prints being delivered. Where possible, I can arrange to meet individuals in Birmingham City Centre to hand deliver the prints. For national & international shippings, delivery will be arranged by the recipient at their own cost. I am happy to provided reasonable packaging for the item but any further costs will be accepted by the winner. 

 - The competition is in no way endorsed or run in conjunction with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube. the competition may be suspended or terminated without notice at the discretion of Ross Jukes Photography and no alternatives offered.

 - The competition is for the prizes documented and no alternative or cash alternative will be offered. 

 - By entering the competition, you are automatically deemed to accept these terms & conditions.


Thank you once again for all of your support, I hope you have an amazing Christmas and good luck!