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My Bullring Exhibition - It came & it went...


The Bullring is the beating heart of Birmingham, hundreds of shops, thousands of shoppers and an incredible history. A long time ago, I spotted a space that I thought would be excellent for an exhibition. I approached Bullring, they were not keen, I left them alone.

Twelve months later and after building a good relationship with the shop opposite the space - Vincent Van Doodle (seriously cool shop with amazing items, go and check them out!) we approached Bullring with a new plan and they said 'Yes'! This was incredible as it gave me an opportunity for thousands of passers-by to see my work - Thank you Bullring!

However, no sooner had the exhibition gone up and before we'd really had any chance to promote it, we were told the space had been let and we had to bring it all back down again. Now, it would be easy to be annoyed about this but I'm pretty realistic and Bullring is a business at the end of the day! We have still managed to eek out around three weeks in an absolutely prime spot, which has been incredible!

So I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Bullring for the opportunity and Vincent Van Doodle for being amazingly supportive. Extra special thanks goes to all of those people that made an effort to go and look at my images, that is very kind of you and even more special thanks to all of those that purchased one! You are all legends! Keep your eyes peeled for my next 'exhibition' just got to find somewhere to put it...