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An Evening with IgersBirmingham on a very tall building!

I love trying to find new angles of the city that I have never shot before. SO when I was very kindly asked by the guys at IgersBirmingham if I'd like to come and take some photographs from a very tall building, I jumped at the chance!

I love taking long exposures so I asked if we could go around sunset, knowing that I would use the Aston Expressway, one of the major roads flowing through the middle of the city as my prime subject. We all met up, everyone was in a good mood and a lot of fun was had trying to get long exposures in (what felt like) gale force winds!

However, I did also start to grab some short clips of video with the intent of starting to create weekly video logs, or as they are called on the street, vlogs! Now I'm no looker and I really, really don't like being in front of a camera. However, it does add a really useful view on what I do and how I do it (apart from the fact that on this occasion, it was just too windy to talk about settings etc.)

So here is a very quick video from the evening, look out for more of these n the future! And before anybody says anything about quality, it was all shot on an iPhone - which to be honest, blows my mind! Thanks once again to IgersBirmingham and Aston University.