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Closing the gap: iPhone v DSLR

A few quick thoughts...

I will probably do a more longwinded version of this at some point but I just wanted to quickly talk about the main differences between using a camera (DSLR) and a phone (iPhone 6s) for picture taking. Spoiler alert - the camera wins. However, the camera does not win when it is packed up at home and you are missing some glorious scene without a camera in sight.

However, the vast majority of us now carry smartphones with a very decent camera attached. The old saying 'the best camera you have is the one you have with you at the time' could not have really been more applicable. As a photographer, I am always a little bit obsessed with the quality of the image and I would always choose a DSLR over a phone if it was a commission or if it is a shoot that I have 'planned' for.

Life doesn't always let you 'plan' though so knowing that I have a camera in my pocket at all times comes as quite a relief. Even better than that, knowing that the little camera can take a very decent picture is a bit of a game changer. Upon to recently, I carried a small Ricoh GR (compact camera) but it has unfortunately passed away (motor in the lens has broken - nightmare!) and in my search for a replacement, i.e. a high quality, pocket sized camera, I suddenly had a bit of an epiphany "Just get a better camera phone".

There are a few clear contenders but two that really grab my attention are the iPhone 7+ and the Google Pixel. Being a bit of an Apple fan, I am already siding on the 7+ as my phone/camera of choice - but looking at the 'test' results of some of the images taken by these phones, they are simply staggering. This, this is the point! Phones are now a serious option to replace lower end DSLR's and are so convenient that it's almost a no-brainer! And things are only going to get better.

As I say, I will do a more comprehensive write up soon but I am seriously enjoying shooting with a camera phone at the moment and to be honest, it feels liberating!