Thank you for reading my Photography Blog. Birmingham based photographer specialising in Urban Landscapes but available for all photography commissions. Ross Jukes is also a professional Automotive photographer, please see his other website for details - 

Ross Jukes is a professional freelance photographer and owns and all images / photos of Birmingham on this site. All images are available for purchase either as prints or stock and are also available to license the images for commercial use.

A quick insight into my Automotive Photography


I'm sure you may have noticed at some point that a lot of my photography is actually automotive photography - you can find more at - - However, you may not know what I 'actually' get up to! So here is a brief video of my day playing with a couple of very expensive supercars! 

Now it isn't a tutorial (if anybody is interested in a proper tutorial, I sell one hour sessions on my shop page) but it does let you see me, well, messing around a bit really. Oh, and while you are on Youtube, please hit 'Subscribe' so you get notifications when I upload new videos! Hope you enjoy it...