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Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

I think I say it every year but, how quick did that go! I have had some amazing adventures this year and finally feel like I'm starting to find my feet a little (even though I have along way to go!). I decided in early 2015 that if I wanted to get my photography 'out there' then I needed to get myself 'out there'. This is more of a challenge than it sounds, in particular when you're quiet a socially awkward person to begin with. 

Cold start to the year - Birmingham Snow

Much like the redevelopment of Birmingham itself, I feel that I have evolved and changed over the last twelve months and I have seen the heavily edited, over saturated style of my automotive photography creep, well, run in and jump up and down on my landscape shots. This is something that will change throughout 2016 as I intend being a little more subtle with my final edits. 2015 hailed many exciting changes for Birmingham, Grand Central, New Street Station, Paradise Forum all either starting or finishing their major changes. I was up for the challenge that lay ahead!

However, as life always seems to, it managed to get right in the way of any plans when we lost a very dear family member. It is always a challenge and it really drains any creativity from you but that is really insignificant when you know what other people are going through. After some time away and a little soul-searching, it provided a catalyst to push my photography on, after all, life is too short not to do what you enjoy!

Long exposure from snow hill station Birmingham 

2015 saw me get more involved in the local community, in particular with IgersBrimingham - which is just the most amazingly friendly bunch of people you could wish to go out take pictures with. One of the highlights of my year was holding my own 'Instameet'. I thoroughly enjoyed just talking about photography, helping people with settings and most of all, meeting some amazing people!

Towards the end of 2015 came something that I am genuinely proud of, my first exhibition! The good folk of the Old Joint Stock Theatre hosted the exhibition (which has been extended into 2016!). I'd never printed my work in bulk like this before and to see it hanging on the walls was an incredible moment. However, I have been more amazed by the people that have been to view it, offer great feedback and even buy prints! I am very grateful!

All-in-all, the year has had it's up's and down's, but more than anything, I feel like it has put me in a good place to really push myself in 2016! So what is on the cards for next year? I will be hosting more 'photowalks', offering 1-2-1 tutorials, even doing some video work so unfortunately, you will be seeing more of me! I have a couple of secret projects as well but more on those later in 2016. Probably the biggest change will be... I will be branching out of Birmingham (sorry, it's not you it's me!) I love travelling and feel it is time to combine this with my love of photography. 

Sun sets on Birmingham 

I just want to finish by saying a huge thank you to all of those that have supported me this year - IgersBirmingham, Independant Birmingham, BrumHour, Birmingham Updates (I swear I don't pay Luke for sharing my pictures!), Brumpic, Old Joint Stock Theatre, I Choose Birmingham, BBC Midlands Today, Birmingham Mail, What's On Birmingham and all the fantastic clients I have worked with (sorry if I have missed anyone, I have a shocking memory!). I would also like to thank all the amazing photographers out there that inspire me, (no surprises) Tim Cornbill, Verity Milligan, Tom Bird, George Daley, George Davies, David Rann, All of the IgersBirmingham folk! (you know who you are!) and many, many others on Istagram, Facebook and Twitter that inspire me on a daily basis!

The biggest 'thank you' though goes to all of those that have supported me in person or on social media. I can be quite negative and would have given up a long time ago if it wasn't for the kind words and support that I am shown on a regular basis. It really means the world to me, I can't thank you enough.

I wish you all an incredible 2016.