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Ross Jukes is a professional freelance photographer and owns and all images / photos of Birmingham on this site. All images are available for purchase either as prints or stock and are also available to license the images for commercial use.

Why do we still buy prints?

A friend and I were discussing photography the other day and I was explaining that I had recently launched my online shop via my website. My friend turned to me and said, to my surprise, 'who still buys prints?'. Well, at first I didn't quite know how to answer, it took me a few seconds as I had not really considered it, I just thought that it was fairly obvious. They continued, 'isn't it a bit old fashioned, don't people just look at your pictures on your website?'

My immediate response was to start questioning my choice of friends, but I quickly started to explain that there is so much more to owning a print. Firstly, you don't necessarily have to appreciate 'art' - a print can be something that brings back a memory, that inspires you or simply puts a smile on your face. I'm no interior designer, but I do appreciate that a really special image or piece of art can make a mediocre room feel amazing! It is what that image means to you that is the important thing!

Gas Street Basin Birmingham by Ross Jukes Photography

I started to describe that a print does not necessarily have to feel 'boring'. I have produced images of cityscapes on aluminium for large businesses that take pride-of-place in extravagant board rooms. I have also produced small prints that simply remind homesick 'brummies' of, well, home. There is also something hugely satisfying about having something 'physical' that you can look at rather than staring at it via a screen.

Whereas I like people to appreciate my work on the web, nothing compares to walking into a room and seeing your favourite image or catching it with a passing glance and it reminding you of a special memory. I asked my friend if they had any images of friends or family framed at home, to which they responded with a resounding 'Yes!'. I asked why, and they said 'because they are special'. I watched as the disbelief was slowly replaced with understanding. 

The truth is, prints are still very important. I'm constantly amazed by images that I see on the internet but my favourite images, the ones that truly mean something to me? They belong on my walls.

If you see any images on my website/social media that you would like to purchase as a print or have a special enquiry (i.e. printing on aluminium) please contact me with your requirements.