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Birmingham on Fire - Wire wool Photography

I am always happy to try something new with my photography. I particularly enjoy it if there is an element of danger! Sometime ago, I had my first attempt at 'Wire wool Photography' this is a form of light-painting.

The process is quite simple. Find a dark environment, put some wire wool in a steel whisk, set it alight and spinning very quickly around your head! Set your camera to a long exposure, around 10-15 seconds and record the chaos! 

Each little spark that comes away from the whisk send a trail spiraling off and creates these spectacular images that are full of action. I particularly like to do this by water to maximize the chaos as the trails can be picked up as reflections in the water.

It goes without saying that there is an element of risk with this kind of photography. You must be aware of your surroundings and have plenty of water to hand should things go wrong. If anybody out there would like to try this or has any question, feel free to contact me for some advice. As ever, find more of my images on my Facebook page and remember, safety first kids!