In 'Side Exhibition

In 2017 I was commissioned by Rockspring, owner of The Forum, a rental apartment development in Southside, to take pictures in and around the area. 


Over the course of the 12-month project I amassed more than 2,000 images. A handful of them were selected by an independent panel of judges and featured in an exhibition, In 'Side, held at the Birmingham Hippodrome in April/early May. 

My work to date has largely been bigger, broader, landscape shots of the city, but this commission forced me to come in close. 

I walked miles and miles, just following my nose. It was uncommon for me to have any structure, unless there was a specific event happening. I skirted the boundaries and dipped in and out of the Southside area. I was given total creative freedom. I hope I have captured the life and times of this changing district for posterity. 

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