'I Love Jewellery Quarter' Instameet with IgersBirmingham

If there are two things I love it's the local photography community and the Jewellery Quarter. So when the two things met, well 'instameeted'(?) I knew good things would come of it. The guys from IgersBirmingham teamed up with JQ BID to arrange a special kind of instameet that would allow 100+ local photographers access to some award winning businesses. 

You can watch the highlights below but it goes without saying that it was a pleasure to see all the 'usual suspects' as well as a host of new faces who all added to what was a fantastic day! A big thank you goes to IgersBirmingham for putting on another amazing event, JQ BID for being great hosts, all of the businesses that opened their doors and Rebel Uncut for letting me steal their drone footage!